GAP Year Adventure Travel in Nepal

GAP Year Adventure Travel in Nepal

Do you want to engage in some heart-pumping adventures taking a break out of your leisure city life and rule over the sky and waters? Or you want to challenge your comfort and walk through the toughest terrains? And maybe you would love to go off-road and travel through mountain vistas?

If you are willing to grab the fantasies of thrilling sensations and absorb the best of nature’s superfluous beauty, then book a ticket to Nepal! The never-ending trails of high Himalayan ranges and deep gorges are waiting for you!

There is no limit to bone-chilling adventurous treks in the land of Himalayas. Whether you want to fly free like a bird or float and flow with the river, we have all the exhilarating packages for you. Here you can experience enriching travel pleasures and make a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

If you love to walk through snowy mountains and have a tantalizing view of clear alpine lakes, spectacular view of panoramic mountains and join the adventurous mountain sports, then choose to trek through the mighty Himalayas. Leave your luxurious cars for a few days and give a try to the most exciting and thrilling mountain bike ride in the bumpy rough trails relishing on the picturesque greenery and wonderful culture.

Backpack all your necessities and get lost in the serenity of mesmerizing flora and fauna, profound culture and adventurous activities. Walk through the steep hills daring yourself to explore more. Though these thrilling adventures seem life-threatening in the beginning, you will feel triumphant and proud of yourself after accomplishing such a daring job.

What’s the maximum height you have jumped off till date? At most, 10m? Well, you can experience a 100m free fall down to the 160m deep gorge. Don’t panic much. Though the experience would give you a vapid rush of adrenalin, you will be safe under the guidance of expert instructors.

Possibly most of you reading this might not have been to the peak of the Everest, the highest peak of the world. And can you imagine the high-altitude sky-diving of Nepal comprises one that lets you see Mt. Everest as you jump off from 23,000 ft. and free-fall past the mountain and land at around 12,000 ft.?

Every one of us has felt like flying free like a bird and going wherever we like at any point in our life. Why let our dreams be confined to rot in our memories? Let’s live the moments we wish for in real. Paragliding in Nepal would offer an out-of-the-world experience where you can fly over the soaring mountains enjoying the beauty of fascinating landscapes and guess what, you can even feed the birds and play with them as you fly. How interesting it seems?

If you think paragliding is extremely difficult, maybe you can give a try to paramotoring. While you flow with the wind and go wherever it takes in paragliding, you can explore wherever you want to go and change directions on paramotoring. It is easier to take-off and land and you can have a perfect aerial view of verging beauty of nature.

Likewise, hand-gliding lets you experience the sensation of landing your own plane, unlike the comfy air travel. Why take a pilot when you can set direction and go everywhere on your own? Sounds great, right? It’s a life-altering experience for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.

If you think these mountain sports and jumping off the bridge is not what you are looking for, then flow with the twists and turns of white-rivers originating from the Himalayas. Climb the slippery rocks of splendid waterfalls sensing the falling waters hitting you hard, try rock slides or jumping over the rocks and fall on the clear turquoise ponds.

Do you know how to climb a tree? Or you are a professional climber? Whatever be the case, you can get a nerve-wracking cliffhanger experience here. Or you can try the longest and most exhilarating 1,860m long zip-lining reviving on the stunning view of beautiful surroundings.

Are you afraid of animals? Or you love treating all of them as your favorite pet? Maybe your love for animals would turn to a severe nightmare or your fear of animals would vanish forever while going on the jungle safari. You can opt to explore the jungle on the jeep, on the back of the elephant or walking on your own. You will get close to many endangered animals too, like Bengal tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, leopards, crocodiles, deer, antelopes and many other amazing wild creatures and beautiful birds.

Nepal is the only place where the quenching thirst of adventure lovers would be fulfilled. Backpackers flock here to engage in insanely awesome and heart-trembling activities and conquer the giant mountains.

So, GAP Year Nepal specializes in designing personalized itineraries as per the need and wish of visitors willing to challenge their inner fear and indulge in the hair-raising super cool activities. The adventures here are life-altering in a sense that it motivates you to move forward accepting and overcoming all the challenges.

Whether you are in the phase of developing your career or wish to take a break from your busy schedules, this trip is for you! We assure you that your view towards the world will change and you will feel refreshed and motivated like never before.

Not only adventures but your travel will be linked to engaging in various cultural practices and explore the hidden traditions of Nepal. So, pack your bags and get ready to challenge yourself for a blissful journey along the trails of Himalayas!

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