Gap Year Cultural Immersion Program

Gap Year Cultural Immersion Program

A little touch of a new culture and exclusive experiences are all you need whether you want to take a break from your career or you are thriving to develop a career through immersing in a diverse culture. Cultural immersion is more than just learning a new language, tasting unique flavored foods and uncovering your key to happiness. It is actually living the life of locals challenging your assumptions and comfort zone. So, plunge into the new community with contrasting societal values and practice the astonishing rituals relishing on the company of new friends. 

Break down the stereotypes shaped by news channels and venture out yourself. A few days of homestay in the villages of Himalayas and walking up-and-down the steep streets singing local songs would help you rule in the heart of locals. You can analyze from a different perspective and accept the traditions being followed in different parts of the world indulging in fantastic cultural practices.

GAP Year Nepal is a dedicated travel agency specialized in cultural immersion programs. With us, your passionate desire to learn and engage in local culture of Nepal would be linked with the passionate craving of locals to share their culture with someone completely unknown about it. When you both are passionate about a specific thing, it is sure to create a deep bonding between you for a lifetime. 

Learn some Nepali phrases and try ordering foods in Nepali language. Talk to Nepalese with the words you know and watch them dancing with joy on your attempt to practicing Nepali. You will be surprised how learning just a few words would bridge the communication gap and help you intimately know Nepal better. 

In the country where every day is a celebration, involve in street rallies or try mask dancing encircling the city. Showing faith in local traditions, you can take Tika and blessings from seniors and take fasting on various occasions worshipping deities for fulfillment of your wishes.

Well, decorating yourself with local ornaments and traditional dresses would be more interesting than spending hours in the supermarket full of same every-day taste and modernized versions. Learn the secret art of tying Gunyu Choli and 12-feet long Patuki (the national dress of Nepal). Forget about clubs and dance bars and cherish on the soothing music of Nepali Rodi Ghar. 

Sharing culture means preserving our age-old beliefs and practices. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn awesome architectures and mind-blowing games. Visit organizations and know how they function. Old age home and child care center are the places you cannot miss. Teach the arts you know or simply English language in local schools, exchange gifts and share the diverse cultural practices.

Handicrafts in Nepal are popular whole over the world. So, you can give a try to hand made potteries, woolen clothes and wooden artefacts. Excel your arching skills and make your hands dirty ploughing the field. Cook in the firewood forsaking the luxury of modern cook-stoves. 

You can even connect to local leaders committed to making a positive change in Nepal. Opportunities to learn from local to national dignities is sure to hike your leadership skills and dealing capacities. Learn how they manage solving the community problems and keep everyone ever-smiling. 

If you have a burning desire to grow through lived experiences and connect with the cultural practices of different corners of the world, this tour is for you! If you are getting bored from your daily working pressures and want to take a break from your career, then start packing your bags and book a flight to Nepal. If you have just completed your school level and want to get a deeper insight about the other corners of the world, don’t give a second thought to your plan on visiting Nepal. It is the best place to refresh your mind on the panoramic view of the Himalayas, deep gorges, pristine waterfalls, green lush forests, amazing architectures and awesome cultures.  

The culture you are brought up is just a tiny glimpse of the diversified world. So, don’t limit yourself on enjoying the flavor of only that part. What your society considers normal could be contrasting in the other parts of the world. And the best part is, despite all the differences, we will start accepting that we are inherently the same after this trip. 

You will discover the unique aspects of different corners of the world even the search engines doesn’t provide. In the country with more than 126 castes speaking 123 different languages, you have an abundance of things to learn and grow yourself. And surprisingly, 90 percent are spoken by indigenous people living especially in rural and remote counterparts. The indigenous culture are not well promoted and hence constitutes distinct culture, written or unwritten exclusive history and social norms. 

So, while you spend some days with them, you will grab fabulous opportunities to uncover the precious gem kept hidden from the rest of the world. Let none of the chances to shower yourself with the fantastic taste of uncommon art of life escape. 

Our cultural immersion program is specialized in creating a personalized package for each and every individual as per their need. We will arrange everything you want beforehand making the trip rewarding for your career. We wish you learn a lot not only about the cultural practices but also seek a purpose for life and return home being more energetic and refreshed and committed to achieving your dream with all your might. 

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