Suggestions for taking Gap Year in Nepal.

Suggestions for taking Gap Year in Nepal.

Anyone who is looking to gain some experience in their dream career field might pursue a gap year program. Gap year programs are highly beneficial to one’s resume while immersing an individual in a foreign culture that they have not experienced before. But, one could ask, why a gap year in Nepal?

Nepal is, first and foremost, rich in cultural diversity. The culture comes from an amalgam of Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Mongolian influences, from a long history of trade, conquest, and migration. From these diverse roots, Nepal is home to several different social, tribal, and ethnic groups in different areas of the country and can be seen in their fine arts, folklore, language, festivals, and more. If you’re looking for a gap year program that immerses you in a foreign culture rich in tradition and diversity, then Nepal is just for you!

Not only that, but Nepal also provides multiple opportunities to those looking to have a clear vision of their future career. Gap Year Nepal is one of the programs in Nepal, and it provides meaningful internships for those looking to work in the medical, photojournalism, business, and many other fields. Through these internships, students will be able to get lots of hands-on experience in their respective career field, such as working as a medical scribe or taking on projects in an accounting firm. Furthermore, if one is looking to become a medical or dental professional, students will be volunteering at local schools to educate young students about important tips to maintain basic oral and body hygiene. Local schools and villages are in constant need for volunteers to help teach their ambitious students; as a volunteer, you can inspire young children and close the gap between those with and without proper education.

Moreover, if you’re into the outdoors and adventure, then Nepal might just be for you! The Himalayas are the world’s most famous and adored mountain range. Individuals interested in hiking or climbing will find the Himalayas quite the challenge; not to mention, climbing Mt. Everest is a dream for many hikers. While you explore the outdoors in Nepal, you’ll be able to take pictures of all kinds of plants and animals that roam the environment. If hiking isn’t your thing, then that’s okay! Nepal is also home to dense jungle that one can explore on foot, jeep, or on elephant with a nature guide. From daunting mountains to mysterious jungle, Nepal is a gold mine for those looking for adventure in the outdoors!

Due to the availability of numerous adventures in Nepal, ranging from exploring the environment to gaining valuable experience in one’s desired career field, gap year programs in this beautiful country are guaranteed to provide an unparalleled experience! Nepal is such an exciting country to take on an internship in for those looking for a memorable gap year. 

Author: Andrew Kwak

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