How Covid-19 Will Change Travel post pandemic

How Covid-19 Will Change Travel post pandemic

Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, some in ways that will last much longer than others. Many industries have been hit hard, most especially those of hospitality and tourism. While it is without a doubt that currently, many countries have imposed strict regulations regarding travel, the question many people have in mind is, “How will travel be affected in the future?” The truth is, no one knows when travel restrictions will be lifted, but we can guess what will happen after. Here are a few changes that we can foresee.




We can already see many changes in aviation. Just like in public, many airlines such as American Delta and United require passengers and attendants to wear masks on flights. Emirates is also giving rapid tests for Covid-19 prior to passengers boarding. 


It should be noted that baggage carousels and other aspects of a typical airport are often counter productive in nature towards social distancing. Some airports have considered such problems and underwent renovation. For example, Tribhuvan International Airport has been renovated in order to promote social distancing. This can be seen in the following link



Due to COVID19, hygiene and cleanliness have become the utmost priority. Because of this heightened sense of caution, many hotels have raised their cleaning standards and subsequently communicated their efforts to guests. For example, hotels such as Hilton and Marriott have made it publicly known that their standard of cleanliness has risen. However, smaller and more local hotels may have difficulties adapting to this new standard. Below are some examples of what hotels are considering:

  1. Placement of hand sanitizer dispensers in places with a lot of foot traffic, such as entrances, restaurants, elevators, and restrooms 
  2. Frequent sanitation of elevator control panels and handrails
  3. Heavily cleaning kitchen areas and buffet tables
  4. Providing protective equipment such as gloves and masks upon request

Slowdown of Tourism

Not only has tourism been hit hard, but the overall economy has greatly lowered as well. Therefore, many people are now undergoing severe financial hardships due to the loss of a job. In the future, people are more likely to value less frequent, but more meaningful vacations and save more for the future. Many experts say that quality tourism and sustainability should be a country’s main focus. 

Destination Management Companies (DMC)

Post- Covid 19, people will more than likely travel more with DMC’s, which are trusted companies. This can be attributed to the increasing caution that people have while traveling as a result of Covid-19. People will prefer to have a management company arrange their trip according to protocols for Covid-19.

Author: John-Matthew Ang

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