Importance of Cultural Immersion during Gap Year

Importance of Cultural Immersion during Gap Year

What sort of garden do you find more intriguing: the one with all flowers of the same type or the one having variation among flowers? The most common answer for this might be the garden holding varieties of flowers as the combination of different colors and structures of those flowers make the garden appear appealing.  Nepal could also be compared to a garden and the cultures here as flowers. How cool that could be to have a visit to this unique destination in your gap year and invest some time knowing about our cultures! Cultural immersion is a program where people reside far from home, in an unfamiliar place, and try to learn the lifestyle, traditions, and cultures of the people around there with an aim to promote cultural understanding. A Gap year could be the most suitable time to have this experience.

A Cultural exchange program could be beneficial to you in the following ways:

  • Widen your knowledge: When you visit new places, you get an opportunity to witness new things, interact with people having different lifestyles. Every unique thing will provide you new insights. From every person you meet there, you will be able to learn new attributes and skills. 
  • Explore new culture: You will be able to demystify the festivals celebrated here, ceremonies observed here, typical cuisines that people of the country have, cultural songs and dances that of the locals, traditional ornaments of our community, and the cultural and moral values of people living here. Notably, you get to spend time with people over there. You could also discover the unique skills possessed by the people of that community.
  • Promotion and preservation of cultures: In cultural exchange programs, you might come across some rarely known cultures. You could support the promotion of such cultures. Additionally, you also get a chance to share about your cultures which will help in the promotion of your culture as well. 
  • Networking: You will be able to build up relations with the people of the community you chose to explore as well as with the participants of the same cultural program. 
  • Adventure: Like the culture, geography may also appear unique to you. Cultural immersion programs provide you with limitless opportunities to unveil those geographic structures and explore them. 
  • Opportunity to serve the needy ones: In addition to spending time with people around there, you could involve yourself in different volunteering activities which will certainly help you to experience social life. You could be helping hands for people around there as well.
  • Unity: The significant part of the exchange program would probably be the bond formation with people of different cultural backgrounds. Spending time with them also helps to build up cultural understanding and promote the feeling of cultural tolerance. This could be an initiative to promote global unity.


Gap Year Nepal is waiting here to help you out to get the experience of cultural exchange programs. You get to travel to a new place, know about a new culture. You would get to see the things that you may have never seen before and visit the exciting places and will be able to enjoy different adventure sports, which will make your stay here worth it. You will probably get a unique perspective of the world. Do come here for this program. We promise you the best lifetime experience. 

Author: Ayushma Uprety

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