Leadership and Outdoor Activities | Gap Year in Nepal

Leadership and Outdoor Activities | Gap Year in Nepal

Work from home is emerging as a new trend these days. People prefer freelancing than 10-5 tight work hours. Our phone has taken over our friends and relatives. Socialization is a nightmare for some of us. Where globalization is connecting people far and wide, it is making us far from our own friends and family. Instead of going out, we prefer being locked in our room and hanging over the internet all day and night.

How many of you love public speaking? Or your heart start shivering even on the thought of standing in front of a mass? However you are, at the end of the trip, we promise you will feel enthusiastic even on the thought of public speaking. If you are already a pro at socializing with people, connecting with influencing Nepalese leaders would boost up your courage and willingness to engage with people and motivating others to make their life better.

Outdoor activities like various sports and adventurous events would develop your courage in overcoming the fear that is holding you back. If you feel excited about jumping off the cliff and flying over the mountain but shiver on being asked to give a public speech, this trip would be a blessing for you!

The way you speak is your identity these days. Influencing people and grabbing their attention would make you stand out and rise above the crowd. You will outstand the competition and be a role model for your followers succeeding on every step you take.

GAP Year Nepal conducts various programs and activities to encourage you to open your heart out and focus the gaze of your audience on you. Let your personality shine and keep people amazed on your skills. Learn how to add humor on your speech and keep people interested in you, no matter whether you have to give a speech for five minutes or continuously for five hours.

Your word selection and knowledge of wide vocabulary along with catchy phrases is of prime importance on delivering a superb speech. Learn how to use your gesture and make proper eye contact to effectively deliver your message being well informed about the culture of audiences. Your knowledge of diverse cultures would improve only when you travel to different places and show enthusiasm to learn.

The more you practice, the more you excel. Utilize all the chances you get to enhance your speaking potential and work on the feedback on making your next speech better. Being on the company of leaders and influencing people, you can intensify your leadership skill and take it to the new height.

Your sweating palms would be a sign of playful gesture and an attention grabber of your fellow listeners if you work on your fears more. Learn to gauge the response of your audiences and stay flexible with your contents. Whether you have weeks to prepare or have to give a speech on the spot, you will always be ready to engage with people.

While you are learning from the great leaders, don’t miss the opportunity to learn how they developed their skills, how they effectively run their organization and motivates employees to perform better each day. Master your art of leading capabilities and socializing proficiency while being on the guidance of ideal personalities.

It’s the nature of human that they learn to grow more with new challenges and experiences. Develop your self-confidence and be creative in your field. Positive attitude and being calm even in tough times is a crucial character of a leader. So, learn how to stay positive and motivate followers while having unfavorable circumstances all around.

Further, you will develop disciplined habits and start thinking out of the box. You will be automatically consulted for the tasks beyond the control of others when you are in a high position. Your behavior will be mirrored and copied as an ideal one. So, meet new people, share your ideas, grab new techniques and stay on the loop.

What news channels features and what you have seen around you is only a tiny part of the huge world. So, travel as much as you can, feel free to go wherever you want and get deeper insights on the events ongoing on different parts of the world.

No matter how hard you practice in the room for improving your speaking skills, no matter how much news you read or watch every day, being with the people and learning through lived experiences is a whole new thing. Your skills would be fostered and enhanced only if you engage in various outdoor events and socialize with people.

Learning new games and getting out of your comfort zone accepting new traditions and practices would develop your inner strengths and let you accept the differences. To enlarge the horizon of your knowledge and withstand all the critical circumstances, you need to embolden yourself for going out and accepting new ideas.

The stereotypes framed by the internet and our society is hard to change. But on living the practices of each corner of the world, you will accept the contrasting thoughts and behaviors.

With us, you will have ample opportunities to engage in outdoor sports, toastmasters and interaction with great leaders. So, just throw away the thoughts letting you back from fearlessly speaking in the public and book a ticket to Nepal.

Here, you will develop your inner strengths on going public and have fun learning public speaking techniques. Get introduced to your hidden talents and leave the fear and panics of being criticized for ever.

So, welcome to the Land of fearless Gurkhas! Their bravery let them resign in the heart of people worldwide. So, likewise, let your personality be your identity! Let the world know you with your grand leadership skills. Enjoy your work like you were born to do it! Have fun travelling!

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