Why GAP Year in Nepal can be Life-Changing?

Why GAP Year in Nepal can be Life-Changing?

Spending your vacation in Nepal means roaming in the lap of High Himalayas with challenging blocks on every step, daring yourself with nerve-wracking adventurous activities, playing wild with the wildlife, strolling in the city full of temples and brilliant architectures, engaging in cultural programs, visiting care centers and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds having fun and learning through lived experiences.

Have you ever travelled abroad? Or at least a little far from your daily commute? Sure you might have. And honestly, don’t you feel yourself being more relaxed and fulfilled than before after the trip? Don’t you feel a strange force inside you yelling that you are capable of something more?

Whether you have noticed a certain positive and mercurial change in you or not, we can assure you that you will be a completely different individual after this trip. You will be daring than ever before fearlessly challenging every obstacle on your way and developing a positive vibe showing tenderness and helping needy ones with an open heart.

While you are living in only one place, the world seems the same to you. But a mile from your home is a different world with different cultures and practices you are unaware of. Look how the landscapes changes, how weather presents unique flora and fauna before you, how people are enjoying their daily livelihood and how you are reflecting the image of this vast world with a congested belief and practices.

Lost in the himalaya


There’s a turning point in everyone’s life. It might come earlier for some and takes time for others. The farther you travel, the more you experience the practices and the better you analyze the traditions, the sooner you will embrace the diversities among people.

What do you think shapes the belief of people? What takes it to change the preoccupied mindset? Do you want to be a frog in the pond or wander free like a bird? Along with enjoyment, travel comes with lots of learning opportunities and career-building options. The choice is yours, how do you want to develop your inner self starving to turn on the pages of varied experiences?

Engaging with people of diverse backgrounds and sharing exclusive experiences would let you think from a different perspective and analyze situations from different angles. You will get to know the practices of each nook and corner of the world and make friends worldwide. Widen your circle and get the most out of the trip.

Whether you want to take a hop in the sky or dive deeper in the water, you can opt to engage in any activity you wish and enjoy as much as you can. Feel water sprinkle in upon you being soaked on the pleasant dive through the waterfalls. Float in the mesmerizing freshwater lake playing with the fish and paddling across the flowing rivers.

 Delve deeper into spiritual feeling meditating in the tranquility of Lord Buddha’s birthplace. You can even take classes as long as you want or try just for a few hours. There are both advanced and amateur courses available to feel the supremely wonderful experience. Seek inner happiness instead of rushing for material things. There’s no other soothing place than the fresh air coming directly from the Himalayas to the land of Siddartha Gautam.

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