Why Visit Nepal Year 2020 | GAP Year Programs

Why Visit Nepal Year 2020 | GAP Year Programs

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal Year for the first time in 2020 with the theme of ‘Lifetime Experiences’. Where Nepal has been already ranked in the fifth position in the list of top 10 countries to visit in the world and stands first among the world’s best-valued destination, the year is further committed to welcome two million tourists by the end of the year. Last year, the number of tourists visiting Nepal reached one million and challenged the pre-earthquake visits. This ambitious campaign divides all the tourism activities into five clusters to equally develop and promote all the areas, namely:

  1. Culture, cities and leisure
  2. People and heritage
  3. Outdoor and adventure
  4. Religion and pilgrimage
  5. Nature and wildlife

Visit Nepal Year was previously planned to celebrate in the year 2018. However, due to the massive damages done by the earthquake and poor condition of infrastructures, it was postponed to 2020. Nepal was considered unsafe to visit due to the great earthquake of 2015 and continuing tremors and shocks afterwards. However, Nepal has been marked safe and secure for tourists this year with no fear of further shocks.

Last time, Nepal had celebrated Visit Nepal Year in 2011 with the slogan ‘Together for Tourism’. The budget for the year was 230 million and had the target of inviting one million tourists.

In every region, a specific area is selected where all the tourism-related facilities will be promoted. It would be the center for developing community-based products, home-stays and availabilityof all essential infrastructures like network access, health facilities and market availability.

The high Himalayan ranges, pristine waterfalls, diverse flora and fauna, brilliant architecture and fascinating traditions are the valuable treasures of Nepal and magnet to attracting international tourists. Likewise, indigenous culture and societal values will be given due consideration to further enhance the identity of Nepal as the country of diverse culture and praise-worthy harmony.

Government is luring enthusiastic mountain climbers by slashing or completely waving the climbing fee for the peaks receiving low attention. For instance, no fees will be charged for climbing Cho Oyu, Api, Saipal, Ganesh Himal, Gyalzen Peak and other less prioritized peaks according to Meera Acharya, director of the department.

Yeti, the abominable snowman believed to be found in upper Himalayas of Nepal is officially declared as the mascot of Visit Nepal Year 2020. It will be kept in various hotels, airports and famous tourist destinations. For this, 108 greater than life-size (7’*6’) sculptures of Yeti will be made for marketing Visit Nepal Year 2020.

Preparation has been going on to fulfill the ambitious target set for the year 2020. Agreements have been done with international travel agencies and supporting organization to make travel easier and enrich the experiences. This year, you can grab heavy discounts and get a chance to engage in awesome programs unlike other years. So, if Nepal has been your dream vacation destination, make 2020 the year of your visit!

Nepal Government is constructing two new International Airports in Lumbini and Pokhara and Tribhuwan International Airport will be operated for three more additional hours to offer easy access to flights and tickets as and when needed. Flights have been started to and from new countries so that departure and arrival would be easy and encourage visitors to book a ticket to Nepal. Air service agreement has been done with New Zealand, Turkey and UAE and direct flights have been started to Japan.

Only in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, private four and five-star hotels have planned to add 4,000 new rooms and many international chain hotels will operate in different parts of the country. Tourism Act and other regulations linked to support safe and secure travel are amended to ensure travel more fun and exciting. Nepal Tourism Board has been conducting road shows nationwide and abroad.

Wi-Fi zone and network access have been provided even in the remote parts of the country. Famous celebrities and players are appointed as ambassadors to promote the campaign abroad. Organization of South Asian Games (SAG) 2019 on the threshold of Visit Nepal Year 2020 has further promoted Nepal and its amazing natural beauty and architectural brilliance abroad.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) is promoting ‘Destination Nepal’ collaborating with private sectors, international organizations, airlines and hotel chains. Bringing more tourists means not only welcoming guests but also creating new jobs and investment opportunities. As the cracked economy and declined flow of tourists has bounced back with great vigor and enthusiasm, we have to work more to fulfill the daring target set for the year 2020. Nepal Government has allocated the budget of 5.2 billion to make the Visit Nepal Year 2020 rewarding and prosperous.

Though we are leaving no stones unturned to make the Visit Nepal Year 2020 super successful, there are still a lot more left to do. Currently, 28 international airlines from 14 countries are in operation to and from Nepal. Due to limited slots in TIA and no area for expansion, welcoming targeted number of tourists with limited flights is difficult. Domestic airlines also don’t reach every part of Nepal and the bumpy and rough roadways don’t support smooth and comfortable travel.

Setting target doesn’t mean achieving the goal. So, we have to make every effort possible to meet the set target. Keeping in mind that happy and satisfied visitors are the best source of promotion, we have to do our best to make their travel enriching and satisfying.

Whether you want to fly free claiming sky to be all yours or engage in water sports activities, GAP Year Nepal specializes in designing personalized packages for you. With us, you will conquer the Himalayas, play wild with varieties of flora and fauna, experience the rich cultures and indulge in mind-blowing festivals.


Whether you want to sing and dance in the crowd or seek inner peace within yourself, we have all the arrangements for you. Meditate in the birthplace of Lord Buddha and explore the country full of wonderful temples with brilliant architecture carved in every part. The fascinating wooden arts and metal crafts along with catchy handicrafts are the identities of Nepal worldwide. Learn some of them with the locals and know about the legendary history behind all those practices.

We hope to see you here in Visit Nepal Year 2020!

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