Work Camps and Team Building

Work Camps and Team Building

How much do you love engaging with people? Or you are one of the most who has hard time socializing with others? Maybe you have that hidden potential to making people hover around your burning talks?

If you are already a crackerjack on team building, then you will have a wonderful opportunity here to meet people of your profession and bespeak with them sharing your knowledge and ideas.

Don’t worry even if you are poor at hanging around people. We have all the arrangements to make you a pro at making pals with great enthusiasm till the end of your trip here in Nepal. Try overcoming challenges coming on your way in collaboration with your teammates for enhancing the bonding between you!

Our work camps consist of bone-chilling adventurous activities and team works that will let you accomplish certain daring tasks with the help of your teammates. Revealing all such activities here may not be a good idea, right? Let it be a surprise until your visit. It would be funnier that way.

But, whatever we have planned for you is really helpful in your career not only to socialize with people but encourage you to be the perfect leader wherever you are. We are sure you will return being more coordinating and harmonizing to take your business to a new height.

If you are wondering on your career, then this trip would be a wonderful blessing in disguise! Meeting people of different corners of the world with different vision and perspective will let you enlarge your horizon of knowledge.

Team building is much more than just collecting people, making them listen to you and assigning group projects. It is being compatible with each other, having mutual trust, showing empathy for others and taking credit collectively for the task performed.

A team has a definite elevating goal that can be accomplished on the joint effort of competent members having a unified commitment and collaborative recognition. If you are planning on running a specific project and looking for trustworthy partners, this trip would be a perfect opportunity for you. To lead and manage the team effectively, you need to have certain qualities that a leader must possess at any cost to run the team activities smoothly and achieve team objectives on time.

You first need to be a good mentor rather than a strict boss to earn the respect of your teammates. And understand that there is a huge difference between a team and a group. Unlike group, a team should have a specific objective and be comprised of people having unified interest, attitude and thought process. Keep the size of your team intact as per the nature and complexity of the task to be completed.

Do you know the stages of team development? Before your visit, learn how to make a high-performing team and the ways to effectively monitor group activities so as to reach your goal on time. Here too, you will get trainings on how to form and manage team effectively. Further, you will learn yourself from experiences you collect from team activities organized by us. Experience is the greatest mentor after all, isn’t it?

In the beginning, give time to give a clear idea of goals and expectations. Know each other well and reduce tensions arising due to differences and conflicts. Be well known that misunderstanding may arise among team members which needs patience and proper control for solving problems persuasively. If you are able to do so, then the ‘I’ feeling will eventually develop into ‘We’ feeling making the task easier to accomplish and bonding between members being stronger than ever before.

We have designed various activities for you to accomplish in a team. Imagine trekking in the high Himalayas and conducting professional sessions with people having interests and objectives like you. Being far from home, you will get introduced to people treating you like family in your professional as well as in personal life.

You first inform us about your interest and we will arrange an interaction program with famous people of Nepal having similar interest like you. You can drive to the city full of amazing architectures and share your cultural preferences while learning through lived experiences about the work practices of your teammate.

Interested in literature? Then meet famous laureate of Nepal like Rabi Chitrakar. You can have a learning session with Rabi Lamichhane about the contemporary issues of Nepal. If your interest is in politics, we can arrange your meeting with famous political leaders of Nepal as per your choice. If your interest is in singing or if you wish to meet Nepali movie stars, then leave all the responsibilities of arranging your meeting with them to us.

We will try our best to let you engage in work camps with your favorite artists. Learn from them as you enjoy roaming in the lap of sky-scraping mountains and float with the waters. Don’t miss an opportunity to take out of them more as you fly over the gorgeous lakes or you enjoy water splashing in the pristine waterfalls.

GAP Year Nepal concerns about your future and flourishing career. We hope to see you leading your team with soaring eagerness and frenzy proficiency soon. We wish this trip be rewarding for your fabulous journey ahead and take you to atop of your dreams!

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