In our all our GAP Year Programs | Community Programs | Volunteering Programs | Internship Programs we are following these health & safety guidelines for more information click the link below. 

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

 We have taken the opportunity to enrol in the WHO COVID-19 safety course so ensure we are better educated on the pandemic.  

Contact us for more information: 

Our Response to COVID-19

Here at Gap Year Nepal, we do all we can to protect you and your colleagues. That includes our thorough response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Nepal is faring relatively well in terms of disease management, we pride ourselves in doing our part to keep the virus controlled.
1. COVID-19 testings. Students are required to take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before arrival in order to enter Nepal. They will be quarantined for a week to monitor symptoms.
2. Face coverings. We will require all participants to wear face coverings, such as masks or face shields, during all activities. Students are not required to wear masks in their homestay residence after the mandatory testing and quarantine period.
3. Infection protocol. When a student shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will be offered a quarantine space to protect others, and hospitals will be immediately contacted for further instruction.
Contact us at if you have any questions. Your health is our utmost priority.
Thank you!
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