GAP Year Cultural Immersion Programs

GAP Year Cultural Immersion Programs

Program Overview

Welcome to the land of cultures! Where every day is a celebration and every tradition has a legendary history, you can delve into the profound uniqueness of religious practices and traditional beliefs while visiting the wonderful places of Nepal! We offer direct contact to the experiences of the locals and help you find commonalities through shared experiences. Just accept the differences and learn to adapt quickly to the changing practices around the world!

Our two weeks cultural immersion program is the shortest of all but even in these two weeks, you will get a deeper insight into the cultures of Nepal and learn new skills. Let’s have a look how you will spend these days here.


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Program Summary

Day 01-03

We will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel where you can catch the glimpse of Nepalese traditions and learn how everyday practices go on. Have a sound sleep and get ready for the joyous and heartwarming experiences worth remembering for a lifetime.

The next day, after having a brief discussion about your schedule, we will take you on a tour around the Kathmandu valley where you will get to observe the exceptionally carved wooden architectures, mesmerizing traditions, and mind-blowing cultures. Give a try to Nepalese dishes and visit the famous world heritage sites of Nepal!

From the next day, you will live with the locals in the way they live! Not as a tourist, but you will follow all the traditions and learn the local skills just like the natives. Whether it be cutting grass in the rocky Himalayas or planting the seedlings, you will engage with the locals in all their activities.

Day 04-06

You might face the communication gap between you and the locals but remember, learning just a few words would help you to bridge the gap and dragging the attention of locals towards you, making them more loving and concerning.

It’s a chance to learn the amazing cooking skills and unique recipe along with varieties of medicinal herbs used by locals to cure the diseases in their own way. Either try a new variety each day or excel in one practicing it all the time you have.

From the daily morning ritual of worshiping to community discussion program, try to engage actively with them showing great enthusiasm to learn. The more you show eagerness to learn, the more experiences they will try to bestow upon you.

Day 07-09

You might know well about the festivals and celebrations in Nepal. And it is certain that at least one festival would surely fall during your stay. So that means you will get the opportunity to engage in Puja or take a fast and carry on the unique practices on the guidance of locals. They will love it if you keep asking them about the beliefs or stories behind the grand celebration.

A week-long stay with the locals will make you familiar to the local practices and Nepalese traditions. So, in the second week, you will be ready to interact with others and share your experiences. Entertain the children with fun games you know or dance with them singing the Nepalese song.

Day 10-12

You will get an opportunity to visit the local school and share your skills with them. They will also help you improve your language and excel in local skills. It is a great chance to learn the things you have always wanted to. Further, you will meet with the local leaders and experts and share their working strategies as well as past experience.

Day 13-14

Spend some days with the children and we will take you to visit the old-age home and child care centers of Nepal. Exchange a beautiful smile with them spending some quality time.

During the last days, we will take you to some cultural programs showing exceptional Nepalese traditions and skills. In the farewell party, you will share your experiences of the last two weeks in Nepal. Don’t hesitate to recommend for improvements!

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