Gap Year Programs

Gap Year Programs

A year in introspection from a cliched normal timeline of your life—that is a gap year. Taking time off after your high school to understand more about yourself while exploring various parts of the world, that is a perfect layman’s interpretation of a gap year. A gap year cannot be defined before it is experienced because for anyone who has ever taken a gap year, the experience is truly personal which is why a single definition cannot explain what a gap year is. It is a year for you to step out of your comfort zone, explore and learn about everything else but most importantly.

Gap Year Programs

Travel Experiences

Giving Back Through Travel

Each and every one of our pre-packaged trips contain a community-based volunteer component, be it teaching English, working to build a school, doing a community gardening project, or a host of other things! In addition, we allocate 10% of the profit from each of our trips to the same local NGO, to help fund its other projects, which include livelihood support, sustainable agriculture efforts, clean water initiatives, and educational programs, to name a few.

Optimal Cultural Immersion

Our goal is to make your GAPYearNepal experience more than just a group tour - we pride ourselves on immersing you in the Nepali flavor as much as possible, so you feel that you're living like a local - come and get hands-on with Nepal!

Experienced Local Guides

We understand that you are putting your security and trust in our hands, especially when visiting remote areas of Nepal. Our guides are all locals, with the knowledge and experience to make your trip as fun and secure as possible. 

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Top Value for Your Budget

Whether you're a budget backpacker, a couple seeking an adventure holiday, or a large group looking to hit the highlights, we offer affordable travel options suited to everyone. Our pricing is fully transparent, with no hidden fees.

GAP Year Nepal has many years of experience leading travelers through the wonders of Nepal, and our primary concern has always been the safety and security of our valued guests. Odds are that you will have a safe and incident-free trip! While unexpected difficulties do sometimes arise, they can be mitigated through some preparation and awareness. 

We've prepared this handbook, chock full of tips and advice to help travelers prepare for and avoid serious roadblocks during their time abroad. Please connect with our team if you require further information on travel safety, or if you have questions about Nepal in particular.


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