High School Programs

High School Programs

High school is the foundation of the education. A high school student is like a fine clay who can be molded in any shape and size. As a foundation for the future education and career, a high school student should be well prepared to cope with the contemporary challenges of the present world.

Gap Year Nepal's High school Programs are designed to benefit the participating students both from the host country, Nepal and the guest countries. The students from the guest countries directly get connected with the students from Nepal and share each other the learning experiences and understand the real problems they are facing and also know the opportunities awaiting them in the country.

The challenges of the developed countries and the developing countries are not similar. Also the opportunities are different. The direct interaction among the contemporary generation help to go with the issues they are facing and prepare them the future.

Our high school programs have been effective widening the horizons of learning, understanding, better integration, thus a step further from the class room learning to the real exploration of the world.

Let your students get the best of the learning experiences with Gap Year Nepal local mentors.

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