Internship Programs

Internship Programs

Internship Programs in Nepal

Gap Year Nepal Internships are meant for the college students. The internship is about getting the practical experience during the student life. It is not only helpful in getting the practical knowledge but also boosting up the job prospects.
In our Internships the students get hands-on opportunity to work on their desired field. Getting to know how their course is applied in the real world helps them to integrate in the working environment faster. Also, having an experience in the country like Nepal something special the employers can find in you.

The internship session can be testing phase for your career match. You can evaluate yourself which job fits you the best and figure out your path of future career for yourself. Gap Year Nepal can coordinate with your college to make it accredited for which the consent of your college is must for your internship position with us. Basically our internship is for 3 months and we provide internship in the following areas:

  • Hospitality 

  • Videography 

  • Dental 

  • Agriculture 

  • Office 

  • Medical

  • Photojournalism 

  • Travel and Tourism 

  • Sustainable Development 

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