Parents Travel to Nepal

Parents Travel to Nepal

Parents Travel  (Our travel partner Himalayan Circuit Team)

Retirement doesn’t mean retiring from life. It means getting out there, challenging yourself, and doing all the things you haven’t had time to do in years. We offer comfortable luxury tours for travelers age 45 to 155. (If you’re 156, we apologize.) From Tibetan monasteries to jungle safaris, from the valleys of Kathmandu to the peaks of the Himalayas, all of Nepal’s and Bhutan exotic wonders are ready and waiting.

Whatever your taste, we have something for you. Maybe you want to kayak the rapids of the Trishuli River. Or perhaps you feel like visiting local villages, eating authentic food, and learning about Nepali village life. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to splash around in the mud on the back of an elephant. A great place to start is by browsing our tours and treks sections. But if you don’t see something you like, no problem! Email us and we’ll help you customize your own tour.

Why We?

Licensed Guides

Your licensed Nepali guide will be with you from the start of the trip to the end, showing you all the wonders of Nepal and explaining the intricacies of the culture. He’ll also be able to provide crucial traveling tips from a local’s point of view.

Small Groups

Why? Because small groups work. We believe the key to a great tour experience is being in a small, supportive environment with interesting and like-minded people. It also allows for deeper friendships to evolve, and you’ll find yourself leaving with many more friends than you came in with.

Adventure and Relaxation

A good balance of relaxation and adventure makes a happy life. That’s why our tours allow for ample free time in addition to your planned activities—so you can sip tea, read a book, or reflect on your experiences after a long day of sightseeing.

Your Pace

We take special care to go at a relaxed, leisurely pace. Whether snapping photos of a Buddhist temple or trekking up Poon Hill, we make sure the group stays together.

Meet the locals

Interact with local villages and get an inside view of Nepali life. You may even have opportunities to give back to the community, by donating books, working in a local school, or playing games with Nepali children. 

All ages

Our typical Senior traveler falls between the ages of 50 plus but we’re accepting of all ages. (In our experience, cross-generational tours tend to be way more fun!)

Make friends

Small groups foster supportive and cooperative environments, allowing for deeper friendships to evolve. The travelers you meet through us are sure to become friends for life.

New challenges

Dare yourself to go further, to try harder, to feel deeper. Take that first step into the unknown and you’ll see the rewards start flowing!

Get Inspired!

Our tours are designed to inspire. After meeting so many amazing people and seeing so many incredible sights, there’s no question you’ll want to keep going, keep exploring, keep living life to the fullest!

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