Agriculture Sustainable Development Internship

Agriculture Sustainable Development Internship

Nepal is predominantly an agricultural country. Various types of crops are grown in the country and the traditional agriculture practices are common. Together with the farmers you can understand about the organic production of local crops.

Program Overview

Nepal’s economy is based primarily on agriculture. However, many farmers still rely on older, traditional farming methods which greatly reduce the efficiency of food production. Because of this, there is an urgent need to promote sustainable agriculture and economic development. Interns will be working with project supervisors to meet this need by increasing participation, promoting market-oriented production systems, increasing the bargaining power of the farmers, supplementing the existing service delivery system, and facilitating the implementation of the government programs. 

Along with supporting the agricultural industry, interns will also learn about sustainability regarding waste management, deforestation, and climate change. Students will have a plethora of hands-on experiences, from developing project concepts to conducting research to compiling relevant information and data. Students will present practical solutions to current environmental issues at the end of the four weeks. Please note that you can modify and tailor the length of the programs to your liking; for a more impactful experience, we recommend a minimum of twelve weeks. However, if you have a time limitation, you may consider the four-week program instead.

Program Itinerary

Week 1

We will be picking you up from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and driving you to your hotel. After two days, you will be transported to live either with a host family or in a volunteer house. During the first week, you will be participating in several orientation programs and tours to familiarize yourself with Nepali culture and adapting to a new work environment. You will be able to meet your team of interns and begin building strong connections with them and your project leaders., which will facilitate your stay in Nepal.

  • Arrival and transport to housing accomodations 
  • Orientation: Culture, History and basic conversational and medical Nepali language class
  • Walking tour in the heart of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal
  • Guided tour of the hospital
  • Team building exercises with fellow interns 
  • Meet the project supervisor
  • Get familiar with the public transit system with one of our program coordinators
Week 1
Week 2

Week 2

During this week, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the agricultural sector in Nepal as well as sustainable agricultural practices. From visiting our partners in local farms to learning about how the agricultural economy is organized, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the Nepali agricultural sector. During this week, you will also be discussing potential programs and projects with your team to tackle pressing problems in the agricultural industry. 

  • Visit farms that are partnered with Gap Year Nepal to learn the inner workings of the agricultural sector 
  • Attend a weekly professionalism seminar and learn about crafting a resume, cover letter, as well as interview etiquette
  • Attend a weekend getaway in Kathmandu to visit famous UNESCO heritage sites around the city


Week 3

The third week will be spent studying how Nepal supports its treasured environment. As a sustainability intern, you will be serving as an assistant to a project coordinator in an ongoing sustainability initiative, learn about local and global environmental issues, and implement sustainable practices through the project. For examples of previous sustainability projects, see here:

  • Attend talks from local entrepreneurs and volunteers that are spearheading the sustainability movement around Nepal 
  • Help identify issues in local community farms and help devise a sustainable solution 
  • Prepare a research project on a sustainability initiative and present to your peers
  • Shadow a volunteer working on sustainable development and assist with the project they are working on 
  • Attend a weekend getaway to Chitwan National Park to see the beauty of Nepal’s natural environment


Week 3
Week 4

Week 4

During the last week, interns will spend time discussing real-world solutions to the various issues they learned about over the duration of the program. As a team, you will prepare a presentation about steps we can take to ensure a healthy environment while promoting sustainable agricultural techniques. Teams will present their solutions to the project managers and the other teams, and a guided discussion will be held to further develop critical thinking, global leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Program Details


Every Sunday All Year Round


Kathmandu, Nepal


Immerse with local, Traditional method of Agriculture




Moderate Temperate


Minimum 2 to maximum 8




60-80 hours



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What's Included

Our Assistant
Our Assistant
  • Proper Program Information
  • Pre Departure Information
  • Unlimited information
  • Meet with Locals
  • Weekend Trips
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Emergency Support
  • Airport Pickup
  • Transfer to Homestay
  • Orientation and City Tour
  • Accommodation with most meals         
  • 24/7 Support
  • Organized Programs
  • Guidance and Supervision 
  • International Flights
  • Nepal Visa Fees
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch
  • Airport Drop
  • Other Tours and Events
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