Virtual Internship Program in Nepal

Virtual Internship Program in Nepal

The technological society has changed the way of life and also the way of learning. Internships, done remotely share the same benefits as in the traditional way of Internships. A Remote Internship needs more accountability, able to accomplish the task on time, self-disciple and more over self-creativity.

Program Overview

GapYearNepal internship placements are designed to facilitate a better understanding of the situations faced by people who live in a developing country, and now – thanks to the wonders of modern technology – these internships can be completed virtually! As a part of the virtual internship, participants are paired with an organization in Nepal that matches the participant’s own goals and aspirations. Once placement has been made, the participant will receive assignments that can be completed remotely – with the guidance of local mentors, as needed. Utilizing your Nepali mentors will be instrumental in learning and gaining an understanding of Nepal customs and culture, and will help you to better support the Nepali organizations.

Program Itinerary

Virtual Internship

Gap Year Nepal Virtual Internships are meant for the college students. The internship is about getting experience without physically presenting at the work location allowing the time flexibility. It further helps the student to fit into a busy college schedule without commuting to a specific location or the necessity of having to live in a certain geographical location.

Virtual Internship
Virtual Internship Ideas:

Virtual Internship Ideas:

Gap Year Nepal provides Virtual internship in the following fields:

  • Business
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Content writing
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Sustainable Development
  • Photography/Videography
  • Grant and Proposal writing
  • Child Development Program

Why virtual internship with GAP Year Nepal

  • Hassle Free
  • 360° Support
  • Time flexibility
  • New Innovation
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Global Connection
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Support the local organizations
  • Build your career from anywhere
  • Develop your Remote Work Skills
  • Self-discipline and time management skills
Why virtual internship with GAP Year Nepal
Required Skills and Knowledge

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Online skills
  • Positive minded
  • Training capacity
  • Motivational skills
  • English Language Instruction
  • Experiences in using online platforms

Experiences Gained through Internship

  • Teamwork
  • Work Ethics
  • Responsibility 
  • Independence
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Making Connections
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Multicultural Exposure 
  • Job Prospects Boost up 
  • Time Management Skills 
  • Professional Communications 
Experiences Gained through Internship

Program Details


Every Sunday All Year Round


Remote Location


Personal Growth, Skill Development




360◦ Support


Individual Placement




60-80 hours



Get Started



Ria Chhatwani


As someone who loves volunteering in my own community, it was an amazing experience to step into an unfamiliar place and learn about their lifestyles and customs while completing this internship. All the team of GAP Year Nepal and Accessible Nepal helped me successfully complete my assignments by checking in with me twice a week and giving me feedback on the work I had completed. With their guidance, I was able to build connections and immerse myself in the Nepali culture. Within this internship, I worked on the social media posts and stories for the Accessible Nepal Instagram page. By doing this, I learned more about marketing and how to address different audiences via social media. I also have created lesson plans for the ages 7-16 on topics such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having good behavior. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the Accessible Nepal team thoroughly and hope to have the opportunity to visit Nepal soon.

Jun 01, 2020

Ria Chhatwani Virtual Internship Program in Nepal
Karina Chhatwani Virtual Internship Program in Nepal

Karina Chhatwani


This summer I interned with GAP Year Nepal and worked in Himalayan Circuit, a travel company located in Nepal. This experience was unlike any other previous ones that I have held. I am an avid volunteer in my community, whether it be helping children or packaging foods. This role had me strategizing with two key players: Shiva and Anish. These two individuals led me to my success by assigning me work and checking in with me. I am grateful for this experience due to the fact that I was able to build connections with people and gain a better understanding of Nepal.Within this internship, I focused on the social media for the Instagram and Facebook pages. Other elements include correcting the English language for the travel and trekking descriptions. Some other projects included working on cover stories for raising awareness and why choosing Nepal after COVID-19. All of these projects utilized my grammatical and syntax skills. These skills allowed me to become a better writer and focus on a different type of writing. The only difficulty that I encountered was the difference in time zones, at times the calls became too late. This is not an issue with my experience and changes could be made.

Jun 05, 2020

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