Virtual GAP Year Programs

Virtual GAP Year Programs

As GAP Year Nepal has years of experience in connecting the volunteers to the local communities. We'll find something that fits your skills benefiting the local community with the use of technology, thus making you passionate for the cause. As a GapYear | volunteer, you can work virtually with the local organizations and empower them about the usage of the online tools.

Program Overview

GAP Year Nepal, in response to the precautionary measures to combat the COVID-19 has come up with this concept of online (virtual) GAPYear | Volunteering programs in Nepal. If there is anything you would be interested in online (virtual) GAPYear | volunteering to offer your time, experience and knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regardless of your area of interest and degree of knowledge, there is always something you can do to help bring change for the better.

Program Itinerary

Virtual GAP Year Programs


In the times of physical distancing, the developing countries like Nepal are facing severe resource based challenges in linking the people. There are the communities who don’t have these resources and there are the big segments of the population who have access to digital smart devices. The bottleneck lies in the proper use of these devices. Thus, the online GAPYear | Volunteering to make people learn the usage of the online channels to ease the life in this time of physical distancing can benefit this small and developing country in the lap of the Himalayas a lot.

Virtual GAP Year Programs
Virtual GAP Year Programs Ideas

Virtual GAP Year Programs Ideas


  • Teaching Kids
  • Interaction with families 
  • Langauge Learning
  • Cooking Nepali food 

Required Skills and Knowledge


  • Online Skills
  • Experiences in using Online Platforms
  • Training Capacity
  • Motivational Skills
  • Positive Minded
  • English Language Instruction
Required Skills and Knowledge
Why Virtual GAPYear?

Why Virtual GAPYear?


  • More time to volunteer
  • Flexibility in scheduling, location, and level of involvement
  • A unique outlet for skills or passions that aren’t met by physical volunteering
  • More positions for differently abled people or very remote volunteers
  • Fulfilling education or career volunteer milestones
  • Getting popular Programs after COVID19 Pandemic

Benefits of Virtual GAPYear


  • Build Community
  • Increases Socializing
  • Improves Self-Esteem
  • Reduce Mental Illness
  • Improves School and College Experience
  • Provides Better Job Prospects
  • Develops Corporate Communities
  • Volunteering Adds Fun to Your Years
  • Ends Loneliness


We volunteer because it makes a difference. 

We charge small amount of application fees to help our local communities by providing food or any other essential support who get directly victim with this COVID19 pandemic. Your all money will go directly toward to our local charity, VolNepal

Benefits of Virtual GAPYear



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