Take a sabbatical and come to the mesmerizing country of Nepal. In Nepal, we are happy to make the above come true and bring you closer to nature for freshness to make you feel delighted and collect all those positive vibrations of the almighty Himalayas. Find out more on our off-time programs and the integrated volunteering component, combining a touristic experience with contributing to projects such as teaching English to children or hands-on projects like rebuilding destroyed schools. Your desire for a life-changing Sabbatical!! We are here with Gap Year Nepal Sabbaticals. Feel blessed and let your fellow mates be jealous of the nature adventure Sabbatical Break.

Sabbatical in Nepal

Welcome to Nepal during your sabbaticals in Nepal. It’s our pleasure to share with your company that Nepal is the best destination for your employees during the sabbaticals. The small but diversified country in the landscape, culture, people and the multifaceted experiences, sabbatical in Nepal can be the right solution for revitalizing and reenergizing for the days ahead.

The Nepal Sabbaticals highlights can be presented hereunder:

Buddhist and Hindu cultural sights visit:  Nepal has the best of the middle age monuments describing the Hindu and Buddhist architecture.  It's an opportunity to compare today’s world with the developments of the middle age. Nepal is the living museum.

Trekking: Endowed with the highest mountain ranges of the world, Nepal is the place to go away from the world of modern amenities to immerse with nature. With this true natural experiences, it gives the new life skills to cope with the new situations and challenges

Local experiences. Nepal is the land of communities with lots of villages and the communities. A traditional living experience with the happiest families can teach you to explore the happiness within the basics. 


Spiritual development: There is an opportunity to learn meditation and yoga with experienced teachers from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. These learning have been proven to be the best learning for stress management, self-understanding, compassion, and cooperation.

Relaxation and Luxury travels: With the best of Jungles, Lakes and Himalaya viewpoints, there is ample of time for the relaxations too. 

Along with Nepal is the best place for Adventure sports practices like Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding.

With all these ingredients during the sabbaticals, employees will be prepared for the new challenges of work and career.  Sabbaticals in Nepal can be the best alternative to increase the work efficiency of Individuals.

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