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Jane Ridley

United Kingdom

During the uncertain time of 2020, I embarked on a remote internship with Himalayan Circuit. Whilst this has been a challenging year all-round, I found comfort and hope in my internship connecting with beautiful people from Nepal. At the same time, I was juggling my master’s thesis. Still, the frequent meetings and friendships I developed made the summer far more enjoyable. I worked primarily on treks surrounding sustainable development and tourism for Nepal. Although my internship was due to end in September, I made the decision to extend and continue into the winter months. The people at Himalayan Circuit are so accommodating and passionate about their organisation. It was one of the reasons I decided to extend. I have never been to Nepal, the closest I have been in India and Malaysia. Still, I have learned so much about Nepal and the beautiful people who live there. I can’t wait to be able to visit myself.

Oct 17, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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Helena Diez Testimonials

Helena Diez


I have worked for 3 wonderful months as a volunteer for Volnepal. I was tutoring a fantastic group of children during the pandemic. At first it was not easy for me, because I was in Spain and they in Nepal had to do it online with what that means. It was the first time that I did it online and in another country, another language, another culture ... and other needs. But in the moment I met my children, I saw their faces, their desire to learn, their affection for me, their love and their nobility, my fears were removed. They helped me to adapt to their rhythm, from the love, the innocence, the respect and the joy that every week I received from them.At the end of classes, I felt that I was getting closer to them, and my week started with much more force, wanting to prepare the next class and counting the minutes to see them. Every day I remember them and everything that I have learned with them, of what without imagining, they have taught me.I am looking forward to working for Volnepal again and continuing to contribute and help Nepal in whatever way I can

Oct 12, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

Alaine Fernandes


MY EXPERIENCE WITH ONLINE VOLUNTEERING. For a long while, I pictured volunteering as an activity that took place in the physical presence of others. It involved being able to socialize freely with one another, hug one another and in a general sense be surrounded by people. And then the pandemic came and took away this liberty we once took so lightly. And with that liberty, it took away this picture of mine as well. At first, I really was disheartened but then I began hearing this new word: Remote. I don’t remember the day I went online and started scrolling for remote volunteering opportunities, but I remember feeling extremely ecstatic. Very eager. Slightly nervous. Yet curious. Of course, I didn’t come across anything suitable the first time I started browsing but it soon morphed into a habit. Before I properly began my day, I would search online for something that would stand out. Until finally one day something did. A tutoring role at an organization called VolNepal. I love teaching and this felt like a metaphorical knock on my door. So, I opened it. In other words, I sent a mail to the team at VolNepal. Within a couple of days, I got a response and was soon interviewed. It was a pleasant experience and it made me feel much more confident about the role I had applied for. In no time, I was scheduled to teach my first class for a group of 7 children around the ages of 9-11. Let me just say that it is extremely daunting to meet someone online, especially a kid, talk to them and have them be interested in listening to you. I remember making points for my class just so I wouldn’t be awkward or shy around them. However, the moment the class began, they all greeted me and spoke politely effectively melting away a good chunk of my reservations. Seeing their happy smile was worth it. Within three classes, I was chatting with them as if I had known them for a long time. I teach them a variety of academic subjects like properties of matter and nonacademic subjects like good behaviors. I also had the privilege of being chosen as a content writer for a travel and tour operator in Nepal by the same team at VolNepal. It has been a blessing and still continues to be. I have only been a part of this organization for 3 months, but I can safely say that it feels like it has been much longer. That is the degree of comfort. I also wish to say that this opportunity has helped me realize that the terms online or offline do not matter. What remains is the word that follows it. Volunteering.

Sep 30, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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Claire Kyoung Testimonials

Claire Kyoung


I had a great time working with the team leaders at Gap Year Nepal and VolNepal. The staff are very friendly, and they treat you like their family. I was able to serve as a volunteer coordinator by managing various projects and recruiting new volunteers. It's such a rewarding experience, especially when you're stuck at home during the pandemic. You can truly make a change despite being remote!

Sep 27, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

Aine Cook


I really enjoyed my internship with VolNepal. I am currently studying law so this internship allowed me to work in a new area and learn new skills. The team at VolNepal were very friendly and helpful and provided abundant guidance and assistance throughout my four weeks working with them. We had video calls once or twice a week so I could update them on my work and obtain an outline of instructions for new tasks.The tasks I completed were varied and immensely interesting. I applied for a grant from the UK Department of International Development and this involved a lot of researching and drafting. I really enjoyed completing this project as the topic of helping women to implement innovative farming methods and display entrepreneurship was stimulating and was really impactful for the people in rural communities that VolNepal aims to assist. I also got to write and review policies for the company and their website. For an intern, this is a lot of responsibility, which I very much appreciated, as it allowed me to develop really important drafting and policy formulation skills. The level of duties and trust placed in me is something that I valued a lot in this internship.The virtual aspect of the internship operated smoothly and effectively. I was in constant communication with my supervisors and had access to lots of documents which I needed for my work. There were also weekly video calls to coordinate our views on ongoing projects and to provide an update on progress. I strongly believe that I gained all the knowledge and skills development that would have occurred in a non-virtual internship.I would highly recommend the virtual internship at VolNepal. The projects are challenging and exciting and are great for a young person who is determined to learn new skills and advance their career. The team at VolNepal are really friendly and helpful and I enjoyed working with them. Overall, I think that it was a great internship and really worthwhile.

Sep 25, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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Mimoza Tocilla Testimonials

Mimoza Tocilla

United Kingdom

During my virtual internship in VolNepal, while pursuing a Master degree at Aston University in the United Kingdom, I gained strong skills that will help me in my professional life as a future academic and business owner. My two supervisors were flexible enough to understand each other’s different time zones and engagements and adapt to each one’s work ethics. I had a sufficient time in researching about business development opportunities in Nepal which later on helped me to craft an adequate concept paper and apply for grants. Moreover, finding the gaps in women employability and consulting them toward financial independence made me build my critical thinking and business strategy skills. The project is based on a step-by-step process which allowed me to know of where I should focus more and the people I will have to work with therefore it strengthened my market research skills.An important fact to mention is that I completed this internship during COVID-19 spread with no face-to-face meetings which implies that interviews, business sessions, and team management had to be conducted online that developed my digital skills such as communication, social media management, and content marketing. Regarding to this, this internship is valuable enough because it grows you professionally and expands your multicultural network making you understand that you can even progress and have colleagues while working from home.

Sep 07, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

Michelle Chen


My time with VolNepal as a virtual intern has been extremely accommodating! The work is flexible and allows me to have some freedom when approaching projects. I mainly worked in the social media team and grant writing team this summer. Additionally, I appreciate that they provide roles that are tailored to each intern, based on our interests and skills.

Jul 26, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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Pablo Perez Alonso Testimonials

Pablo Perez Alonso


My experience volunteering with Anish and its local NGO its been really great. It was my first experience in international volunteering, and I cant be happier after all, even tough I did online volunteering and couldn’t get to travel and know the country and its people as I wished initially. I hope not very late I will be able to complete my experience in person with all the team, as I feel really involved in the project already.I was really interested for a long time on getting involved on clean energy projects in developed countries through local NGOs, willing to apply my experience on the field in small projects where the social and human benefits would be bigger than the profitability and financial aspect.To be honest every time I feel more interested on this way of focusing solar energy projects and the relationship between my work and the social targets involved on it have been really boosted through the experience with Anish , and all the different lessons learnt on how to use clean energy to have a great human impact on the life conditions of people out of the sight of global investors . I think I will focus on this side of the industry more and more since I feel there is much to do on people needs through clean energy.

Aug 20, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

Rachel Ebrahimi


Thank you GAP Year Nepal, I was intern for Accessible Nepal which was a meaningful experience. I did a variety of projects for Accessible Nepal. I wrote a brochure, rewrote grants, researched grant applications for the organization, researched partnerships for Accessible Nepal, wrote blogs about the trips that are offered through Accessible Nepal. One of the most significant projects I did for Accessible Nepal was finding the 10 best accessible travel organizations in the U.S and internationally, and presenting it to the Accessible Nepal team on Google Meets. I had to mention why they were the 10 best accessible travel organizations. It was very valuable to me doing that kind of work. Intern for Accessible Nepal helped me improve writing skills and my public speaking skills. When presenting the project to the team on Google Meets, I became less nervous as time went on. I also got to learn about Nepal when doing a variety of these projects. Internship with Accessible Nepal was a great opportunity, and I’m I glad I did it.

Jul 24, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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Ashwaq Aljarba Testimonials

Ashwaq Aljarba

Saudi Arabia

My experience with VolNepal.Org was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had, Actually What I benefited from this experience may not be able to put into words, because it is much deeper than that, Charitable and humanitarian work usually means helping people, But what not much is known about is that we also help ourselves. But what makes the experience more effective was the transparency and our access to information and data with clarity, as well as the trust the association provided us was a strong motivation to achieve the best results. We are learning to use resources to help people and the distressed to make the world a better place for all, In fact, it is part of our responsibility as I learned from Mr.anish and Mr.shiva .. These great persons who led our virtual training with all of interest, They gave us support and assistance step by step, And provide us with everything you need to get the most benefit from virtual training. Indeed, I would like to extend all my thanks, appreciation, and gratitude for what they presented during the training.

Jun 01, 2020 | Virtual Internship Program

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