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It started three months ago in the month of March 2015 when I arrived in Nepal and what was to come in the following month would no less be the experience of my life to date. We have a funny way of dealing with trauma in a society that begs solidarity; in the west we have become masters of our own folly. But here in Nepal the vibrancy of community, the happiness in people magnifies in the face of adversity. Two major earthquakes proved that people are not so socially fallible. And then I meet with Gap Year Nepal under most auspicious circumstances. The work they are carrying out is a reflection of the beauty of the people of Nepal. This joint effort with Nepalese and travellers has inspirited my own efforts in creating a world without boundaries, a world where we can help each other regardless of race and creed. Gap Year Nepal, thank you for all you have done for me, for Nepal and the world at large.

Jun 09, 2015 | Leadership and Outdoor Adventure

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Cecelia Ferrari


My Experience in Nepal : I spent in Nepal one month for Med Volunteer in Kathmandu. I worked in B.P. Smriti Hospital (Emergency Ward) and I loved it! Doctors were really nice to me and happy to answer all my questions and I totally loved the nurses!! I learned to many practical medical things! My family was kind and always ready to help me. I enjoyed the food (thank you Prem). Bijaya from Gap Year Nepal is such a cool person, she helps me a lot the first days when I was feeling lost and she is still one of my best friends (love you honey!). The welcome from Gap Year Nepal was great and well organized.

Dec 11, 2014

Callum Shally


Have had such a great experience from Gap Year Nepal. I feel like so much has been accomplished in my short time here. The people I have met and all the permanent Gap Year Nepal staff are truly good people at heart, and have looked after me every moment. Really sad that I have to leave and wish I discovered these guys when I first came to Nepal, so I could have spend more time. Thank you Gap Year Nepal, You guys are dope!

| Volunteering Experiences (2 weeks)

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Athena Loon


Always row your boat gently down the stream; cause life is just a dream. 

Jun 01, 2015 | Adventure Annapurna Circuit with Volunteering

Alva Jofred


Namaste, Today is a very strange day and all my feelings are so messed up. I have been here in Nepal for eleven weeks and now it is time to go back to Sweden, which makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad, because I have met so many nice people here that I am going to miss a lot, Happy, because of all the things I have learned here that are going to be useful for the rest of my life gratitude, independence and an “every thing will be okay in the end “ mentality. Honestly my first one/two weeks in Nepal were horrible. It was the first time that I was travelling alone, I did not feel comfortable with speaking English and the culture shock was indescribable. Though, what does not hill you makes you stronger and now, when I look back on my stay in Nepal, there is no doubt that it is the best thing that has even happened to me. When I got out of my comfort zone and become more open-minded, things started to be amazing. In Kathmandu, I mainly worked as an English and Math teacher at a Monastery, which I really enjoyed. Nevertheless, I have also managed to travel around and see most of the fantastic Dal Bhat country. For example, I have visited Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagarkot, and Lumbini. Thank you so much GAPYearNepal, I am eternally grateful for every thing you have done for me. You are all awesome, keep up the good work!

| Work Camps and Team Building

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Andreas Luyts


After one of the most useless rescue missions after the earthquake I’m so happy to have found such a great organization as Gap Year Nepal that really makes a difference. I’ve worked with awesome volunteers in 3 different schools in the surrounding of Kathmandu and loved every minute of it. With blisters on my hand and a sore back my time to go has now come but I will never forget this and hope to return soon.

Jun 09, 2015 | Work Camps and Team Building

Alicia Bondington

South Africa

Where to begin… wow words cannot describe the experience I had working with you guys to rebuild schools after the earthquake. My heart is filled with such fond memories and I will forever cherish the way you treated me and how friendly and caring everyone has been during my stay here. I wish you all the best for the future and may you get tons more volunteers (equally as awesome as us) to come and assist you in all the great work you guys are doing. I will miss you dearly and hope to be back one day again. Take care of yourself and big hugs.

Jun 17, 2015 | Work Camps and Team Building

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Jacob Ulf FOG


Everlasting (NAAICE)Overall, the experience has been rewarding and insightful however I did experience some difficulty while trying to acquire visa for Bhutan.

Apr 22, 2013

Simon Torp


I Love the MountainsI had a really good stay here in Nepal .I think the program for the first month was perfect. We all had a wonderful time and you were helping us all time think maybe that you don’t need to send guide with us on the rafting Chitwan Pokhara trip. it would have been nice to be our self and we have your phone Number thinks the trip to Tibet was really good but the guide didn’t tell us so much about Tibet, maybe because he couldn’t it would have been nice if he had told us more. Everest fantastic .the volunteer work good but also difficult .i learned lot about the Nepali culture maybe too much. it was amazing tour and I think a really good partner in Nepal .

Apr 11, 2013 | Leadership and Outdoor Adventure

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Camilla Thybo


Journey of my lifeI really had an amazing here in Nepal .these two and half months went so incredibly fast can’t believe all the different experiences I had in such a short time. The first month we were like real tourists, but I think that after we came back from Tibet .Nepal became our second home. it felt like home coming back from that trip to cross the bridge at the border that was a crazy feeling that I didn’t expect. off comes bungy jump elephant safari river rafting base camp etc. was amazing experiences too to be a volunteer here have been so difficult from the volunteers work I have done back home and it was so much more difficult than I expected it was a big challenge for me also how life is in Nepal .i will never forget this journey and Nepal will always be in my heart.

Apr 10, 2013 | Gap Semester 3 Months

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