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Simon Torp


I Love the MountainsI had a really good stay here in Nepal .I think the program for the first month was perfect. We all had a wonderful time and you were helping us all time think maybe that you don’t need to send guide with us on the rafting Chitwan Pokhara trip. it would have been nice to be our self and we have your phone Number thinks the trip to Tibet was really good but the guide didn’t tell us so much about Tibet, maybe because he couldn’t it would have been nice if he had told us more. Everest fantastic .the volunteer work good but also difficult .i learned lot about the Nepali culture maybe too much. it was amazing tour and I think a really good partner in Nepal .

Apr 11, 2013 | Leadership and Outdoor Adventure

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Camilla Thybo Testimonials

Camilla Thybo


Journey of my lifeI really had an amazing here in Nepal .these two and half months went so incredibly fast can’t believe all the different experiences I had in such a short time. The first month we were like real tourists, but I think that after we came back from Tibet .Nepal became our second home. it felt like home coming back from that trip to cross the bridge at the border that was a crazy feeling that I didn’t expect. off comes bungy jump elephant safari river rafting base camp etc. was amazing experiences too to be a volunteer here have been so difficult from the volunteers work I have done back home and it was so much more difficult than I expected it was a big challenge for me also how life is in Nepal .i will never forget this journey and Nepal will always be in my heart.

Apr 10, 2013 | Gap Semester 3 Months

Lena Marie


My Nepali experienceFrom the moment I sat my feet in Nepal the cultural shock (not shock in negative way) began and it kept on going. whether was walking in the streets of Kathmandu and seeing a man with 20 dead chicken on his bicycle or driving in a tourist bus a little bit scared, it is culture and it is awesome. However there are naturally things about other cultural from your own which you don’t understand. here I am thinking about the act of hitting children being forced in to a marriage and follow rules nobody knows why exists have though taken it all as an experience and the best thing was always to see the people smile I really liked that. Nepal has made me feel alive in so many different ways whether it was walking in the street looking out the window driving in the bus or jumping out from a bridge everybody has been so nice and helpful staff guides that’s for that I couldn’t have asked for better Nepal experience.

Oct 09, 2013

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Personal limits I think the programme is very good because it helped me test and move some of my personal limits especially through trekking and bungy jump. I like the very social aspect of the group but I do not see our contribution to the local community unless we choose to do volunteering work.

Oct 03, 2013



Cultural Experience I had 4 really good weeks as everyone from Nepal was really warm and fun people who are good at English and socializing with us.(the group).it was cool that the program was very booked so that we benefited as much from the experience as possible. Especially santosh and Anish was very good guides and very helpful I felts safe the whole time. It was very interesting to see so many different parts of Nepal all in all a very rewarding experiences.

Apr 22, 2013

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Emilia Holm Adams Testimonials

Emilia Holm Adams


Amazing culture, much bus I think my journey has been mostly amazing beautiful giving and hilarious. Tibet was the most cultural part of the trip but also the part with most waste time in bus that was a shame but I think necessary the time in Nepal has been great. Packed with experiences and adventures. But it might have been nice with little free time in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu.

Apr 18, 2013

Zoe Linder


Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Trip - 3 Months GAP Year Program - I don’t even know where to start when it comes to waiting down a review about the last three months here in Nepal. During this long but somehow also really short time filed. period of time I was able to explore Nepal in every kind of way I could even think about we could experience some action with the river rafting and Bungy jump we could enjoy the beautiful nature on the trekking tour. we could get to know the culture by visiting temples and other important cultural sites and least we could get in touch with the local people which leads me to have a big family and a lot of friends here in Nepal now.

Feb 28, 2014 | Gap Semester 3 Months

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Soffie Buggie Testimonials

Soffie Buggie


Great AwesomeI was really happy with my trip in general. The adventure was incredible and I will never forget it. River rifting was a bit less for since it was a very gentle trip. Whenever I got sick the staff was really helpful. At the orphanage it would be nice if it was possible to help out the school since it is otherwise some really long days. If possible one more day in last resort not so much driving in Tibet we spend a lot of time in the bus.

Apr 19, 2013 | Gap Semester 3 Months

Anna Soffie


I really liked to be a teacher in the governmental school; therefore I would have appreciated if we had talked to about our expectations to the volunteering work if we had talked about that I would have been there from the beginning. Overall I will praise you for your support. It has been more than expected.

Feb 07, 2014 | Cross Cultural High School Exchange

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Nicoline Godsvig Testimonials

Nicoline Godsvig


Amazing Nepal This trip has been such a good experience and I have just loved almost every moments here I think the programme is very well planned and was a good mix of adventure sightseeing trekking and voluntary work’s like that we start with sightseeing and learn about the nepali culture before the voluntary and local family. Especially I would really thank you guide for always being there and being ready to help us with whatever we need.

Feb 14, 2014

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