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It would be nice it we had a chance to live with a family who didn’t have a lot of money and we could help them like a really farm. But the family needs to have water. Nicer and wilder river fating. Too much difference from the packed program in the beginning compacted to the time on the orphanage. It should be possible and a nice idea to change the program if you watch to do something else.

Feb 19, 2014

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Elizabeth Hollase


Dal Bhat and great experiencedBeing away from home nearly 2 months require coo rye and a heart that loves travelling not one day is spending getting I chose to go to Nepal. This trip has been absolutely perfect.From seeing all the temples and a new cremation to river rifting massage and the bigger mountains in the whole world. Though it has been hard with all the days with sickness and diarrhea there was always supportive friends and guides nearby. My mind and thoughts have been through a lot and I have learned much more than I ever expected especially about Nepal and Tibet and I am having a hard time leaving Nepal all the new friends I have got along this trip.

Feb 18, 2014



Go, Do, LearnI think it was great to ride on my Nepali motorbikes! But maybe extra helmets.mum will kill me when she hears! I liked the school project we really got involved with the locals’ think that it is great that we are shown how to take a microbus, it gives us more freedom and a better feel of the city. Maybe put an extra language class just before we go to the orphanage .I could not remember what I had learned in the beginning. A couple of more clay in Bhutan would have been nice. We only got a shallow expression of the country and its inhabitants we were just lucky that we were able to join a local party

Feb 18, 2012

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Marie Soleil


It was a great time here in Nepal and also in Tibet. The program was funny many new things to see adventure was little bit sad that I couldn’t do everything and it’s why I couldn’t enjoy everything but it was a great experience and I hole to come back again. There were so many helpful people including the guides from Nepal. Thank you so much. Without this help trip won’t be that funny.

Feb 07, 2014

Jonas Funch


Initiative - The Nepali people are very open. Throughout the entire volunteering projects many opportunities have been presented –even pushed upon the participants. Usually they have to seek out the possibilities themselves, but the school project has been so rich in possibilities beyond imagination…If you choose this yet rarely taken gift “please embrace the possibilities and know that everything is possible. Everything from being able to held presentation in front of 120 formal teachers to changing the entire method of teaching on a private school-such a privilege and ace honor. Please do seize this and do not be afraid of it.

Feb 15, 2014 | Gap Semester 3 Months

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Mark Mathias Carlsen Maak


Interesting NepalThere was a lot of transportation which took a lot of time but the things we experienced when we finally got there was worth the transportation time the hotel stays was also fine like the feeling of back to basic sometimes which I also got to try when we were out in nowhere .I got my adventure which I expected of this travel the people in Nepal and Tibet were very nice but also learned to watch out for my things. The travel together with my travels have giving me a bigger perspective.

Oct 08, 2012 | Gap Semester 3 Months

Melene Louise


Melene Louise, 2012 October, DenmarkContributionI know there was more work to do at the orphanage after we had finished the painting project hats why I didn’t rate the contribution high. But I am happy about making even a little difference I was happy about the project and I think I have done what I was able to at the limited time we had.

Oct 07, 2012

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BEN Apps


I feel like I would have enjoyed the trip more if there was a bigger group, however this was something that couldn’t be helped. I learnt many important things and the teachings were very valuable. The teams were so helpful and friendly. Shiva was very knowledgeable. I would advise that the free time is lessened and the teaching time is increased. The scenery was amazing on the one clear day we had more clear days haha. Chitwan and Pokhara were amazing.

Apr 07, 2016

Alex Bonner


Personal GrowthThe big earthquake of 2015 was a very interesting time for all. On one hand, we saw a lot of devastation, on the other- a happy nation that is always smiling, regardless of the situation. I’ve been with the family of GapYearNepal for 3 projects, rebuilding schools, restoring hope in the hearts of locals and inspiring individuals. GapYearNepal you’re the best!

Jun 15, 2015 | Cultural Immersion Program (3 Weeks)

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Darren, USA, April 2016 Personal GrowthI have had a lot of fun and valuable experiences here in Nepal. I just went with the flow and enjoyed every unique day. I’ve learned how to transform my negative thoughts into positive ones, meditation with monks, went elephant riding, bungee jumping, met a lot of really cool people, met a lot of new friends, learned more about the world, more about myself and grew as a person. That only a few of the positive experiences that I’ve had, this program is awesome! Thanks guys.

Apr 04, 2016 | Cultural and Adventure Summer Program

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