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Melene Louise


Melene Louise, 2012 October, Denmark Contribution I know there was more work to do at the orphanage after we had finished the painting project hats why I didn’t rate the contribution high. But I am happy about making even a little difference I was happy about the project and I think I have done what I was able to at the limited time we had.

Oct 07, 2012

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BEN Apps Testimonials

BEN Apps


I feel like I would have enjoyed the trip more if there was a bigger group, however this was something that couldn’t be helped. I learnt many important things and the teachings were very valuable. The teams were so helpful and friendly. Shiva was very knowledgeable. I would advise that the free time is lessened and the teaching time is increased. The scenery was amazing on the one clear day we had more clear days haha. Chitwan and Pokhara were amazing.

Apr 07, 2016

Alex Bonner


Personal GrowthThe big earthquake of 2015 was a very interesting time for all. On one hand, we saw a lot of devastation, on the other- a happy nation that is always smiling, regardless of the situation. I’ve been with the family of GapYearNepal for 3 projects, rebuilding schools, restoring hope in the hearts of locals and inspiring individuals. GapYearNepal you’re the best!

Jun 15, 2015 | Cultural Immersion Program (3 Weeks)

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Darren JOHNSON Testimonials



Darren, USA, April 2016 Personal GrowthI have had a lot of fun and valuable experiences here in Nepal. I just went with the flow and enjoyed every unique day. I’ve learned how to transform my negative thoughts into positive ones, meditation with monks, went elephant riding, bungee jumping, met a lot of really cool people, met a lot of new friends, learned more about the world, more about myself and grew as a person. That only a few of the positive experiences that I’ve had, this program is awesome! Thanks guys.

Apr 04, 2016 | Cultural and Adventure Summer Program

Clara Amalie Lisbjerg


Will come back in the future -Thank you so much Santosh and Anish for being so helpful with planning every thing and cooperating with all our questions and us. You are the best! There is no doubt we will come back in the future, still so many beautiful places we want to explore. Hugs and a lot of love from Clara.

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Signe Buhl Testimonials

Signe Buhl


Time in Nepal - Can't Describe We will come back in the future No words can describe out time in Nepal. This country is truly amazing. The people, the food, the Himalayas, the tea, the religion, the culture... We could keep on going! We love this country so much, we don't feel like going away soon. Signe Buhl Denmark.

Oct 22, 2016

Blake Middleton


Food & People - The amount of welcome, love and openness amongst the Nepalese people was simply indescribable. The views, food and people will keep me coming back to your wonderful country!

Oct 08, 2016 | Soft Adventure with volunteering

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Timmie Nielsen


A journey into a dreamHave you ever thought how it is to be live and experience a world of a really good book with adventures and landscape which leaves your mind in wonders? The mountains and the culture aspect within them does that for save. The trip to the base camp were like a dreamscape wherever you looked you looked in awe even the day with rain and mists and around us it were live walking in the legendry mist all mountains from the universe of jr.tolken.Thanks Nepal team for an amazing trip and help a dream become reality.

Feb 01, 2014

Wade Miller


Nepal is an amazing country with a beautiful countryside and mot importantly beautiful people. Honestly the most comforting and humbling place to visit. I have learned a lot about myself through trying new foods, experiences and immersing my self in a culture, which is very different. I cannot say enough about the team and their connections through out the country.

Jan 01, 2016 | Sabbatical Break in Nepal

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Itxasne Nebreda Testimonials

Itxasne Nebreda


I took 2 weeks of Nepal Education Trip, which was a mix between holidays and community programs I had been a fantastic experience, which I enjoyed a lot. Nepal is a great country to do amazing activities same time learning a new culture. I had little difficulties to communicate in the school and the family due to the language barrier. But in general my experience was wonderful and I recommended it to everybody. Thank you, GAP Year Nepal team

Aug 01, 2016 | Cultural Immersion Program (3 Weeks)

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